Terms and conditions

1. Preamble

1.1 These terms and conditions exist to make sure that Teachers, Participants (here called collectively ‘Users’) and Workshoppa are happy.
1.2 Teacher is every person who creates a workshop and offers in on Workshoppa.se for public to attend.
Participant is every person who signs up and pays for attending a workshop.
Workshoppa is a service provided by: Veronika Nesverova, Magistratsvägen 55P, 22644, Lund, Sweden, organisationsnummer: 891017-9160, registered for FA-skatt at Skatteverket.
1.3 By listing a workshop on workshoppa.se the Teacher agrees with these terms and conditions.
By signing up for a workshop the Participant agrees with these terms and conditions.

2. Content of Workshoppa.se

2.1 The Teacher is responsible for all the content that he/she puts on Workshoppa.se.
2.2 Workshoppa reserves the right to refuse listing a workshop on workshoppa.se, especially if it is in breach of law, if it violates copyright or if it doesn’t fit into Workshoppa’s scope.
2.3 By providing Workshoppa with content (both text and images) the Teacher gives a full license to Workshoppa to use it in any way (including marketing purposes). Workshoppa can also edit the content. The Teacher is responsible for assuring that the content provided to Workshoppa does not violate copyright.
2.4 The Teacher should not include a direct contact details (email, phone number) in the workshop description, neither on the Teacher’s profile on Workshoppa.se.

3. Financial terms

3.1 The participant confirms his/her participation by paying the participation fee exclusively through Workshoppa.se.

4. Cancellation conditions

4.1 If a Participant decides to cancel his/her participation more than 5 days before the day of the workshop the participation fee is returned to him/her in its full amount. If the cancellation happens 3-4 days before the course 50% of the participation fee is returned. In any other case the participation fee is not returned.
4.2 If the minimal number of participants in a workshop is not fulfilled or a Teacher cancels the workshop a Participant has a right to get the participation fee back even when cancellation conditions would otherwise apply. The corresponding amount is returned on the Participant’s request to an account provided by e-mail from the Participant within 14 days from obtaining this request.
4.3 If a participation fee is returned to a foreign bank account, all potential fees connected with the money transfer shall be borne by the Participant.

5. Arranging a workshop

5.1 Workshoppa is not liable for any workshops itself. Teachers are fully responsible for their workshops. Workshoppa is only mediating the contact between Teachers and Participants.

6. Privacy policy

6.1 Workshoppa will collect Participant’s information (name, email addresses and phone numbers) which is provided voluntarily by the Participant. This information will be provided to the Teacher of the respective workshop for which the Participant signed up.
The reasons why Workshoppa collects this information are following:

  • Name – so that the Teacher is able to identify that it is the same user who signed up and who comes to the workshop,
  • Email address – to provide the users information about the workshop they signed up for,
  • Phone number – so that the Teacher can reach the Participant fast in case there are last minute changes in the workshop the Participant signed up for.

6.2 Workshoppa will collect and store user’s email address (upon special consent) to send out a newsletter.
6.3 Workshoppa will also use cookies to track user’s behavior on our website. The reason for this is to further develop the website to improve our services.
6.4 Workshoppa promises not to provide nor sell any information from users to third parties (with the exceptions of cookies used for analytics). The Teacher is bound not to provide any user’s information to any additional parties without user’s specific consent.

7. Final arrangements

7.1 Workshoppa reserves a right to change these Terms and Conditions. If major changes will be made Workshoppa undertakes to inform Teachers and registered participants in advance by email.
7.2 Disputes shall be settled by the relevant Swedish District Court.