Malmö Workshop Festival

This festival was supposed to happen on the 28th of October 2018 at ABF Malmö but was unfortunately cancelled due to not enough people signing up.

A festival of learning! Now even Malmö has its own workshop festival!
Join us for a Sunday full of workshops and beginner’s classes! And of course: meet like minded people who also love trying new things and learning new skills, just like you.

Workshoppa and ABF Malmö have got together to celebrate learning and that’s how Malmö Workshop Festival was born!

Choose any 4 workshops of your liking

All workshops will run in parallel so don’t worry – you can really choose any four!

Throughout the day: 6 hours of workshops, one lunch, two fikas, plenty of space to get to know the other participants and us organizers.

One price for the whole experience

1000 kr

Find your core values

Are you looking for more clarity in life and in what you want? Are you wondering why some things are important to you? Do you want to make your life decision easier? In this workshop we are going to focus on pinning down the values that are closest to your heart. We will explore them in a setting of dialogue, collaboration and creativity. You will become more aware of who you are, what you want today and in the future.

This workshop is taught by Tommy Davidovic, a life coach, mental trainer and speaker.

Learn to make delicious sushi

Surprise your family or your friends with your new skill and learn how to make the perfect sushi at home! Together we will practice making both rolled Makizushi and Nigiri sushi. Learn how to cut the fish, how to prepare a Japanese omelette and how to make budget vegetarian sushi. Travel to the Japanese history as I explain the origin of sushi.

This workshop is taught by Chie Fast, a Japanese pastry chef and cook.

Making simple effective videos using your smartphone

Video is the most engaging way to communicate ideas, stories, products and other information. Learn how to create a good video with just your smartphone and unleash its full creative potential! The workshop will teach you how to create short but professional videos. We will go very hands-on!

Your teacher will be Stephen Holmes, a photographer and videographer

Network with Intention - Build Meaningful Relationships

Networking can seem intimidating, feel forced and inauthentic. Each time you meet a new person, you are networking. And each time, it can be purposeful and feel genuine – we can use simple but effective tools to make it happen. We will do exercises where you will practice connecting with a new person or a group with the end in mind – to build a mutually meaningful relationship.

This workshop is taught by Ana Devdariani, a networking expert and communicator.

Make your own kokedama

Kokedama is a Japanese moss ball arrangement. In the workshop you’ll learn how to make a ball as well as the history of this culture. You don’t have green fingers? Don’t worry, you’ll learn the basic care of the plant so you can confidently bring your finished work home and keep them alive for years!

This workshop is taught by Kana Okabe, an indoor-plant nerd and flowershop owner.

Visual storytelling workshop

What makes a good story? And how to express it in a visual way so that people will remember it? The modern ways of communication have reshaped how stories are being told. Visual storytelling is a powerful and creative way of explaining new concepts in an engaging way. In this workshop you will practice telling stories using the simplest forms of sketching – shapes, symbols and of course the legendary stick figures.

This workshop is taught by Niclas Hellgren, a professional meetings and workshops facilitator

Meditation for a happier you

Do you also like the idea of yourself being that person who meditates? But somehow it never happened, yet? You don’t need to change who are or your lifestyle to be that person. Use meditation as a tool to become a better and happier version of yourself. In this workshop we will talk about all this and much more and try out meditation, and mindfulness practice. At last you will learn and get tips how to incorporate it in our busy lives.

This workshops is taught by Karolina Mazetyte, who is a social entrepreneurs, co-author of a book ‘’A mile in our shoes: stories of our global journeys’’ and a meditation teacher.

Malmö Workshop Festival: The practicalities

  • All 8 workshops will be running in parallel, each will take maximum 90 minutes. The first workshop will start at 8.30 in the morning and we will keep learning until 5 in the afternoon.
  • You will get to choose 4 workshops to attend, two in the morning and two in the afternoon. In case some of the workshops reach their full capacity the priority will be given based on time you have signed up for the festival.
  • Every participant will receive an opportunity to choose the workshops in advance using an online form which will be send out by email couple of weeks before the festival.
  • At 8 we will open the gates of ABF’s newly renovated house at Spånehusvägen 47 near St. Knuts torg. So that before the first workshop starts you will have time to get acquainted with the location and the other participants ? There will be more talking time during the coffee breaks and the lunch.
  • Snacks and a vegetarian lunch will be provided by Rood Food Malmö, an organization which uses mainly food that would otherwise be thrown away.
  • Let’s continue the conversation and strengthen the new friendships! Join us for an afterwork when the last workshop is over! We are going to book a place nearby.
  • Cancellation conditions
  • Before the Malmö Workshop Festival begins we will get in touch with final details

Malmö Workshop Festival is organized by

With questions contact Veronika at