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10 reasons why you should share your passion

September 18th, 2017

In the previous blogpost I shared with you 5 questions you should be asking yourself when deciding the topic of your workshop. But there is something even more important that we haven’t discussed. Which is WHY! Why (the hell) should you organize a workshop? Why should you teach others what you know? Why should you invest your precious time into something like that? Here: Pick your why!

Veronika Nesverova Workshoppa

Workshoppa Academy Part 2: WHY

In this series of articles I am going to give you all my knowledge about planning and organizing independent workshops. If you have never run a workshop before but you are thinking about it – this is the place to be! I will share my best tips about how to choose the best content, the perfect venue, how to decide on pricing and how to market your workshop. All I hope for is that this guide can help you create and run a successful workshop! Because every skill is worth sharing!

1. It feels good

It really does! It’s your passion so you are probably already telling everybody everything about it. Here is your chance. People come to your workshop to listen to what you have to say!

2. Get social

New friendships being created is something that we see a lot on Workshoppa. This is your opportunity to meet people with the same interest and the same mindset as you have!

3. Create your personal brand

In the eyes of the participants, the potential participants or the people who just saw that you are holding that workshop you are becoming the expert in the field. They will automatically start connecting you as a person with your skill – and that’s personal branding! Next time they need someone with that skill, they will think of you.

4. Make money

Money probably shouldn’t be your only motivation but let’s admit it. At the end of the day we all need to eat something. It is possible to make money teaching others!

5. Find new customers

This one is for your who have a business around your skill/expertise. People sometimes think that they will lose customers by teaching them. They think that the participants won’t need them anymore. Curiously enough, this rarely happens. What’s more likely to happen is that they will remember you a person with a certain skill and the next time they need help they will hire you 😉

6. Learn more yourself

When one teaches two learn. By teaching your skill to others you get better at it! It forces you to really think about it and makes you see it from a whole different perspective. This small pressure of deciding to teach something could be really useful motivation if you wanted to study some topic deeper but never got to do it.

7. Make a good use of your skills

It’s cliché but it’s true: Sharing IS caring. Why keeping your passion just for yourself? (If you are worried about your niche you should note that teaching it will make you even more of an expert!)

8. Opportunity to change things

Do you get annoyed or worried by constantly seeing: bad design/wrong yoga technique/people buying fast fashion/…fill in whatever you are annoyed with… teach them the right thing to do! Make a change!

9. Help others to find their passion

Imagine this situation: Half a year after your workshop you get a thank you email. It turns out one of your participants was so inspired by you that he/she decided to continue studying and make a living out of what you were teaching. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

10. Grow as a person

Teaching is challenging. It requires preparation and a little bit of guts. If it’s your first time I bet it will be testing the borders of your comfort zone. But hold on there and you will see! This will definitely make you grow as a person!


So what’s your why? For me personally the reasons why I decided to teach how to run workshops are mainly number 3, 7, 9 and 10. What’s yours?


There are some more decisions you will need to make before your workshop is ready. These are some of the parts of workshop planning:

  • Coming up with an attractive name
  • Workshop structure and the actual content
  • Pricing – how much to charge?
  • Venue
  • Finding participants

I will try to cover these topics as best as I can in future blog posts so stay tuned! Until then you are most welcomed to contact me on!

Workshoppa is an online platform for offline workshops. We encourage everybody with a skill or a passion to teach to prepare their workshop with us and first-timers are very welcome! Do you want to organize a workshop or a seminar together with Does it happen in Malmö or Lund? Read more about how it is to collaborate with us and contact me, Veronika, here: Workshoppa – Become a teacher!

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