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5 things you should consider when deciding the topic of your workshop

August 7th, 2017

You have decided to share your skills with others! Whether it’s with Workshoppa or somewhere else it was a great decision! But where to begin?  In this article I’m going to share with you 5 really important questions that you should ask yourself when thinking about the topic of your workshop.


Workshoppa Academy Part 1: TOPIC

In this series of articles I am going to give you all my knowledge about planning and organizing independent workshops. If you have never run a workshop before but you are thinking about it – this is the place to be! I will share my best tips about how to choose the best content, the perfect venue, how to decide on pricing and how to market your workshop. All I hope for is that this guide can help you create and run a successful workshop! Because every skill is worth sharing!


“Show your passion and your workshop will be a success.”


There are so many angles to your skill, which one to choose? Before you make the decision – which topic to start with – make sure that you know your options! Sit down and try to come up with as many topic ideas as you can.

Alright, now you have some ideas in front of you. Deciding what exactly to teach can be really tricky, especially if it’s the very first workshop you are planning. I hope this article will make this decision a little bit easier by explaining the factors you should consider. Let’s begin!


1. What’s the easiest to teach?

If it is your first time teaching, start with something that isn’t pedagogically very advanced, something you can easily expand on. Sounds obvious, right? But how will you know what’s easiest to teach? Try to imagine yourself teaching it! Close your eyes and imagine yourself surrounded by 5 curious people. Can you immediately come up with ideas about what you’d be saying? How will the room setup look like? Good! Then you’re on a good way!


2. What do people want to learn?

It’s great that you want to teach your skill but people will need to really want to learn it! Consider what part of your skill could be the most useful for people and think about the timing too. Is it something that people want to learn right now? What do your dream participants want to learn? One additional important aspect is the market saturation – how many people are already teaching your skill. For example if you want to teach yoga you have to be really good in your marketing to attract people to your session just because there are so many yoga teachers out there doing the same.


3. Will I love it?

Start with the topic that you love the most! Show your passion and your workshop will be a success. People love learning from those who are deeply passionate about the topic. It is really scary to start in front of people, everybody looking at you and listening to you. By choosing the topic you love the most you will feel much more comfortable presenting it!


4. Where should my workshop happen?

Location is tightly connected to the amount of effort and money you will have to invest into organizing your workshop. If you want to make the preparations easier choose the topic that could be taught either outdoors, at your home, in a café or in a simple meeting room. Those will be the easiest to fix. Obviously, this won’t be an issue for everybody. But if your passion absolutely requires a kitchen, a dance floor or a 3D printer lab I say: Go for it!


5. What equipment will I need for my workshop?

If you are not sure yet how attractive you and your skill will be for the people out there try to minimize your costs. And of course equipment could be a huge cost, especially if you teach for example crafts. Choose a topic that will require less equipment. Consider as well whether you could buy the equipment on a short notice based on how many participants enroll so that you don’t end up with a huge pile of something you don’t need in case not many people sign up.


“Every skills is worth sharing!”


Here we go! Now you should have a fairly clear idea about with which topic to begin! What’s next? There are some more decisions you will need to make before your workshop is ready. These are some of the parts of workshop planning:

  • Coming up with an attractive name
  • Workshop structure and the actual content
  • Pricing – how much to charge?
  • Venue
  • Finding participants

I will try to cover these topics as best as I can in future blog posts so stay tuned! Until then you are most welcomed to contact me on!

Workshoppa is an online platform for offline workshops. We encourage everybody with a skill or a passion to teach to prepare their workshop with us and first-timers are very welcome! Do you want to have your workshop listed on Does it happen in Sweden? Read more about how it is to collaborate with us and contact us here: Workshoppa – Become a teacher!

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