About Workshoppa

We <3 workshops.

Workshoppa launched May 2017 in Lund and Malmö, Sweden as a one-person company. Since then we have helped to coordinate more than 50 events with more than 300 participants in total.

In the beginning we focused on individuals with some particular skill and helped them to get started with their workshops. But we want to make a bigger impact! Now that we have a huge network of experts (100+) we strive to connect with the bigger players to make workshops and seminars available for as many people as possible.

Our mission

Our mission is to facilitate the transfer of skills and to create a community of people interested in learning from each other. We want to inspire people to try new things but also to share their passion with others. We do this by helping companies, institutions and public spaces to organize public workshops and seminars.

Get in touch easily

email: veronika@workshoppa.se

personal blog: www.nesverova.com/blog/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/NesverovaVeronika

Veronika Nesverova

– the founder –

If you ever work with us it will be me communicating with you!

I’m a doer. I make fast decisions and don’t like to leave things hanging. I love planning, organizing and coordinating.

And because I love events so much I’m also a self-taught event coordinator. This lead me to starting this company. I’m also the founder and president of a PechaKucha Lund where we organize regular evenings filled with inspirational talks.

But actually I live two lives and as my main occupation I’m a scientist. Currently as a Ph.D. student in biochemistry at Lund University, I work on my research projects, I supervise students for bachelor/master projects and I teach laboratory exercises. I really enjoy teaching, explaining complex ideas and seeing how my students learn. I also love planning, organizing and writing to-do lists. However, I am an eternal seeker of the right work/life balance.

But I love many other things too, especially all things outdoors: orienteering, hiking, camping and gardening.