About Workshoppa

Workshoppa, a platform for sharing skills throught practical workshops in Malmö and LundWorkshoppa is a platform for sharing skills through practical workshops, master classes and courses in Malmö and Lund.

Nej men hej! It is so exciting that you found your way here and that you are curious to find out what this Workshoppa is doing in Malmö and Lund! My name is Veronika Nesverova and I am the founder of Workshoppa and the workshops enthusiast! I love sharing skills and helping people share their skills. Let me give you a quick tour of Workshoppa:

Workshoppa is a project which launched in May 2017 in Lund and Malmö, Sweden.

Our mission is to facilitate the transfer of skills and to create a community of people interested in learning from each other. We want to inspire people to try new things but also to share their passion with others. We do this by helping individuals to organize their own workshop and by reaching out to potential participants.

On workshoppa.se you can find workshops, crush courses, masterclasses and seminars of all sorts of different topics, mainly within creativity, personal and professional development and technology. All our workshops are offline, happening in real time and space, because we believe that a workshop is a perfect opportunity to meet new people!

Workshoppa is part of the business incubator VentureLab in Ideon Science Park in Lund.


Are your workshops online or offline?

All our workshops are offline. We think it’s a lot of fun when people actually meet to learn something together. We believe that a workshop is the perfect social opportunity.

Who are the workshop organizers?
Our workshop organizers are passionate enthusiasts that have decided to share their skills with you! We believe that passion and experiences is more than official certificates and that’s why we will help anyone to prepare a workshop!

What happens if I pay for a workshop but not enough people sign up?

If the minimal number of the participants is not fulfilled we will contact you and of course return you the participation fee.

I’d like to organize my own workshop. What do I need to do?

Organizing your workshop is easier than you think! Just read through the section Become a teacher and contact us! We will help you with the planning and make sure that you don’t forget anything. Whenever you’re ready we are ready and your workshop will appear on Workshoppa in no time.

About Veronika

Veronika Nesverova, the founder of Workshoppa - platform for sharing skills through practical workshops in Lund and MalmöI believe that trying new hobbies and learning new things is the best way how to live a rich life. That’s why I created Workshoppa, to help skills and passions to get shared between people. I myself love trying new things and challenging myself. How to start a startup is yet another exciting skill for me to learn.

I’m a pharmacist and I love science, especially proteins. I’m a Ph.D. student in biochemistry at Lund University. There I work on my research projects, I supervise students for bachelor/master projects and I teach laboratory exercises. I really enjoy teaching, explaining complex ideas and seeing how my students learn. I also love planning, organizing and writing to-do lists. However, I am an eternal seeker of the right work/life balance.

But I love many other things too. Singing, orienteering, dancing lindy hop, cooking, learning weird Swedish words (pussgurka FTW), learning about and trying to live slowly, hiking and camping. At Workshoppa I will teach you how to knit!

Contact me easily at veronika@workshoppa.se!