Workshoppa will be be an online platform for sharing skills through offline workshops. Learn new skills without a commitment of a whole course!

We are launching in April. If you want to be the first one to know leave you email!

Behind the project

My name is Veronika Nesverova and I live in Lund. By education I am a pharmacist and currently also a Ph.D. student at Lund University. 

I love knitting, baking bread, dancing lindy hop and orienteering. I believe in slow living and a minimalist sustainable approach to life. I hope to give everybody an opportunity to find their passion by introducing this new concept of independent workshops . Let's share our skills!

Developed at Ideon

Workshoppa is developed at VentureLab's bussiness incubator at Ideon in Lund.

What can you learn at Workshoppa?

- Different skills that they don't teach at school

How to bake a sourdough bread, how to carry babies in a scarf, tips and trick for time management, how to make DIY cosmetics, how to get started with WordPress, how not to be scared of networking, you get the idea :-)

Workshops are taught by passionate individuals, often non-experts. 


Do you have a skill to share?

Contact me on Have you never tried to teach your skill before? You have come to the right hands! I will help you plan your workshop.

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